Belly Dancing

Beginners belly dance classes offer a range of moves and core routines in a friendly and sociable environment. Whether you want to tone up or slim down, belly dancing offers a range of workout routines to boost your fitness - and it's fun too!

Fitness benefits of belly dancing

  • Toning up flabby muscles - Bad posture in everyday life can lead to certain muscles becoming disused over time, and turning into unwanted fat. Thankfully, belly dance can help your body rediscover these lost muscles by toning up your belly (abdominal muscles or obliques), the legs, lower back, as well as the arms.
  • Getting an exercise ‘high’ - Belly dancing offers a great form of aerobic exercise, with natural endorphins entering the body and boosting the mind, to give the dancer an exercise high. Belly dancing is great for blowing away mental cobwebs, whilst giving its dancers a happier outlook on life.
  • Building up bones and joints - Belly dance is a great exercise for building the body’s bones and joints. It can help prevent osteoporosis, as it requires body weight to be shifted from leg to leg – working out a range of different bones and joints in the process. Belly dancing is also a low impact form of exercise as the muscles used such as the pelvis, spine and abdomen, work with the body- rather than against it.

We are thinking about starting an adult Belly Dancing class at our Consett studio this Autumn if we get enough interest.  TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST CLICK HERE


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