Street Dance for all abilities and ages in Consett.

We hold a variety of weekly dance sessions for both kids and adults of varying abilities, from complete beginners to experts. We love to see people of all ages flourish week by week in confidence and ability, whilst also still having loads of fun and meeting new friends.

Street Dance, Hip Hop and Freestyle

Does your child dance around the living room to Usher or Michael Jackson, imitating their hip hop moves? Why not help them develop their moves with classes from trained, friendly professionals, all at very reasonable prices.

Or maybe you have always dreamt of being able to dance like Beyonce but never had the confidence to learn. Well now's your chance with weekly street dance lessons at Pauline Cook School of Dancing in Consett. Come with friends or by yourself, you are bound to meet lots of friendly, like minded people.

Why not give Zumba or Ballet a try?

Here at Pauline Cook School of Dancing, we offer a wide range of dance and fitness classes for everyone. Why not go and see what they're like? You might be surprised at what dance style you enjoy. If you live in or around the Consett area, contact our dance school on Steel Street and discover a new world of dance for you and your child.

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